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>Cross of Franquette x Payne. Vina’s fruitfulness is high to very high with 80 to 90 percent of the lateral buds fruitful. Vina leafs 7 days after Payne. Pollinizers would include those varieties which shed pollen in midseason such as Chico, Tehama, and some newer varieties like Howard and Chandler. Vina harvests in early to midseason. Nut size is medium (5.7 grams per kernel), slightly larger than Payne. Nut shape is pointed, somewhat similar to Hartley, but less flattened on the base. Seal is good. Vina’s kernel color is good at 60 percent light with 48 percent kernel. Tree size is medium and shape is similar to that of Payne. Vigor is good. A good pruning program is necessary to maintain nut size and tree vigor. Vina seems to exhibit less blight compared with such varieties as Ashley and Payne. Blight can be a problem.


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