Purchasing Buyer – Nuts

Develop and maintain relationships with existing and potential walnuts suppliers/growers; resolve issues involving delivery timeliness, quantity and quality; identify alternate walnuts supply sources, negotiate best price, and other interactions necessary to obtain supplies. Arrange for processing or resale of purchased nut products. Negotiate contracts with suppliers/growers for the production or purchase of nuts products. Arrange for transportation and storage of purchased products. Examine or test crops or products to estimate their value, determine their grade, or locate any evidence of disease or insect damage. Perform periodic supplier/grower performance evaluation and provide feedback them. Make recommendation to management for termination of supplier/grower. Bid large orders from multiple suppliers/growers and make recommendations to management on supplier/grower selection. Place orders for nuts, obtain prices, schedule deliveries and write purchase orders. Follow up with vendors/buyers as necessary to ensure that nuts are available to meet export needs. Review invoices for accuracy of price and quantity as compared to purchase orders and route for approval and payment within payment timelines. Retain documents in compliance with company’s record retention policy.

Minimum requirement: 5 years of experience in job offer or as Merchandiser

Apply to:

Personnel Department
GSF Nut Company LLC
40897 Road 120
Orosi, CA 93647


Send resume to: chris@gsfnut.com